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Experience the Wonder of Desoto Caverns

"Music is so important to me when producing videos for my clients. I always want the soundtrack to stand apart from the traditional corporate scores that I hear too often. So, for a recent video that traced the history of DeSoto Caverns Park, I hired Annie Brunson to compose and arrange music that would capture the grandeur and the spirit of my subject matter. She was very attentive to my client's vision for the music and produced a score that complimented the video perfectly. I hope to have the pleasure of working with her again in the future."
      Clint Till, Parc Entertainment


written, directed and edited by Jason Santo
"MARISA is roughly only about 10 minutes long and showcases the many emotions of a woman who has been betrayed by the perfect moment of trust, the act of making love. You see it coming, but what really matters is how Santo handles the material. With superb editing and camera work, we get an emotion of pathos that is powerful, thanks to the lack of dialogue (there isn't any) and a beautiful musical score. It's impressive work from a filmmakers standpoint, and it manages to create some illusive shots that you would usually only find in actual film."
      Review by Mark Engle - Cultcuts Magazine

The Dinner,

written, directed and edited by Jason Santo
Mindscape Pictures
"THE DINNER is absolutely amazing. Shot in about two days, it is an experimental black and white silent movie that has engrossing visuals, first-rate acting, moving music, and meticulous shot selection and editing by Santo. I loved the black and white, sometimes dreamy photography. The music by Annie Brunson is also first rate and adds much to the ambience of the movie. That said, most of the credit must go to director Jason Santo. His direction of the actors is right on target and his interpretation of the story is compelling and moving.
      Review by Craig Hamann, Cultcuts Magazine.

"The artistic integrity in this piece is undeniable. Although it takes place in a rather plain apartment, "The Dinner" is rife with creative compositions and high-contrast shots that evoke a classic vibe. An emotionally sophisticated score perfectly heightens the tension onscreen. Because it is a silent film, "The Dinner"'s score is of utmost importance. Not only does it suit the mood of the film, it distinguishes itself as one of the best compositions I've heard recently. I'll be looking up Annie Brunson to hear more of her work." Review by Reviewed by Appellate Judge Rob Lineberger DVD VERDICT

Reviews for Marissa from viewers on

“The camera work, editing and music were excellent”
      Reviewed by: mmvideoproductions (Michael McGeehan)

“MAJOR kudos for the music; it also helped to tell the story even better.”
      Reviewed by: Sheboo

“The strongest point of the piece is the music, displaying melancholy and heartbreak without support of dialogue.”
      Reviewed by: zrz62

“Nice, flowing piece. Great music.”
      Reviewed by: Matt Kovalakides

“Great score and editing. Very professionally done.”
      Reviewed by: Jsmakeitso

“Nice soundtrack”
      Reviewed by: karlox

“What I really liked about the movie, however, was the feel of it -- the way it was flimed, edited, and the music.”
      Reviewed by: Maxwell4Chune

“Too bad there isn't a section for "music" because the original score for this film was the best part.”
      Reviewed by: RckSlck

“This short does a good job at evoking emotion, certainly from the score and the imagery.”
      Reviewed by: Mad

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