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Composer for your film...

My goal is to create a great working relationship with all directors who honor me with the opportunity to collaborate on their movies. Having been in the business world and the music industry, I feel that I can bring a lot of positive professional attributes from the business world into my dealings in the film industry.

Faithfully translating the audio vision of the Director is my number one concern. My musical strength lies in being able to enhance the emotion displayed on-screen so that the audience is drawn inexorably into the film.

My style is mood-enhancing, evocative, and ethereal. It is not heavily symphonic, but rather dramatic, subtle and contemporary.

I primarily use piano, strings, flute, cello and clarinet as the basis for my work. If you are looking for hard-driving rock based score, we will not be a good match! But if you are looking for music to enhance the emotion in your film, let’s talk!

Having been self employed for over 17 years I take deadlines extremely seriously and will only take on projects that I can promise delivery.

Jason Santo, director of The Dinner, wrote in his journal this testament to my dependability. "So with the deadline rapidly approaching, Annie is working overtime. It doesn't help that we're in the thick of the holiday season. Her delivery date is sometime around the first of the year. ...I know Annie and I know she can do this. Her turnaround time on "Marisa" was extraordinary and right on time."

While I can produce “textural” music and low-key ambient music, my forte is in composing haunting melodies. Letting the characters on screen talk through the music. While realizing the importance of not overpowering the on-screen dialogue, I also know how powerful an evocative theme can be when used judicially throughout a movie.

I understand that creating a successful film or television project requires an enormous team effort. I love working with others on creative projects – especially film. The synergy helps the creative flow. However, I also understand that the music is to enhance a film, not steal the show. I hope you’ll find I am intelligent, likable, trustworthy and easy to work with!

Depending on your budget, the score can either be produced totally in my studio, or prepared for recording sessions with live instruments. In the case of a budget for live recording sessions, I will prepare a realistic demo score for the producers and directors to preview before recording. Changes and fixes can then be made well in advance of the final recording sessions in order to keep the expense under budget.

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